Sun's out Shades on| My Top 3 Places To Get Trendy Eyewear

Spring has finally, finally, fiiiinnnnaaalllyyy sprung here in New York and i took full advantage of the sun rays by going shopping for some new frames! If you didn't already know this about me, i am obsessed with sunglasses! I even have a designated display drawer for my coveted collection, shown here. I previously talked about a trendy new pair of sunnies being an affordable way to add a new flare to an old outfit in this post! Its such a good way to stay in style by updating your existing wardrobe, and not spend too much!

Click  here  to purchase

Click here to purchase

Trendy frames are readily available in the accessory section of just about every clothing store. Not to mention at beauty supply stores, street vendors and on your instagram feed! But i have three trusty spots that hold me down with the latest styles, and under 20 bucks a pair!

My go to spot for new sunnies is Aldo Shoes! The best advantage to getting your sunnies from Aldo Shoes is being able to try them on right then and there to help you narrow down the pair/s to take home; as well as their seasonal promotion of 2 for $25! During my trip this past weekend i picked up three really cute pairs!

I intended to try the Retro 90's inspired trend in the thin, oval or flat top moon cat eye shape seen being worn at the tip of the nose, but its taking a little longer for the look to grow on me. The closest i got to it was this rose gold translucent pair with an oversized angled shape!

The second pair was a classic aviator style with a purple iridescent reflection. I needed a pair that would compliment both silver and gold hardware in an outfit. The purple hue is a bonus detail that breaks up the black on black! Available here!

The last pair from Aldoshoes is probably my favorite! Its an updated version of the classic cat eye in an exaggerated white frame! Fresh and perfect for the new season!  Ughhh Aldo get my coins every time!😩

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My favorite online retailer is They have an easy to navigate website with literally thousands of selections! You can shop categories such as Shape, Trend, or by gender. You could spend a whole day trying to narrow down your purchase! Most pairs retails for $10. Once you check out your selections their delivery is relatively quick! My last order i feel like it came within 3 days! Let me check my email...yea it came in three days after my shipment notice, and i was able to rock my sunnies that same weekend!  I got three new pairs from them as well, including this dope green and red Gucci inspired square frame! 

Click  here  to purchase

Click here to purchase

If you're into designer frames and your style is to be unique and stand out you will love Nroda, formerly TNEMRODA Eyewear. I was introduced to this online, blackgirlmagic owned, brand by a fellow blogger who ran a giveaway sponsored by the brand. I was the lucky winner of gift card to use towards a purchase. It took monthssss to make my selection. The frames this brand features are truly unique i couldn't handle the pressure, and kinda copped out, and chose two rather tame selections😩! Fly nonetheless! I've developed a fondness for both the owner Samantha and the line, the customer service was superb!πŸ€— I keep tabs on the new arrivals  for when i feel like treating myself! You should definitely check them out on instagram @nroda!

Now, when it come to picking the perfect pair i forgo any rules to regulate my style! For the affordable frames i pick up its not that serious for me to be critical of the frames suiting my face shape. If i were buying a designer pair id pay attention to the size, shape, and fit. But, i love to have fun with this disposable accessory so there are no restrictions! Most times they don't even fit me properly since i don't have much of a nose bridge, they sit on my cheeks! But i live for a cute new pair!

If you don't know where to start or maybe intimidated by the trends you can always stick to safe options. I have a few classic pairs in the cat eye shape; in staple colors such as Red, White, and Tortoise.  As well as the aviatar style frames. These two never goes out of style! Each year the trends may change and these classics may get an updated look but you can't go wrong with adorning an ensemble with either of those classic shapes.

Volume I-10.jpg

With the 8 new pairs i've added to my collection i have to make the tough call of which ones i will have to get rid of to accommodate the new additions! That, or get creative with finding alternative ways to store them! Nothing pinterest can't fix! How many pairs of sunnies do you own? 

Gucci Gang (on a budget 😎)

Gucci Gang (on a budget 😎)

No New Year Resolution? Its now April(Late)

Walked into 2018 like...

I swear if i see another blogger use that caption i am going to loose it 

I swear if i see another blogger use that caption i am going to loose it 

This post came as a result of me racking my brains 🀯 trying to come up with something profound to share in a blog post and failing horribly. So much progress was made in this past year! So many things i want to share with you guys, I've been overwhelmed with where to start and how to convey these experiences in the most effective way. Planning, strategizing, wanting to do it all in this year


First of all i don't eem believe in having a New Year Resolution. Once a decision is made i get started right away. I'm guilty of toiling over an idea forever and ever but once my mind is made up its go time! I don't wait till Monday. I don't rely on an accountability partner to make moves. And although a clean slate at the top of the year feels amazing. Renews my spirit. Its not actually different from Dec 31st. Except. The attitude and mindset towards accepting a new start. Hopeful of the possibilities. Faith in whats to come, and Foregiveness for what you weren't able to do the past year, two years, or however many new years you've celebrated. 


My #hicoselfcare journey has allowed me to get in touch with me, what drives me, what i need, what motivates me. It's been my guiding light. At this point i recognize the Being i am at my core. Being in touch with the essence of me allows me to make the best decisions for me. Filtering and Calming my thoughts, driving my actions, taking action towards exactly what i need in that moment without the side effects of guilt. It has brought me pockets of joy and peace. Slows things down. Helps me to recall that i am on my own path moving at my own pace. 


It keeps my intentions true. Helps me follow through, Reminds me that i am doing my best. The best for me. 

Forgiveness is offering no resistance to life
— Eckhard Tolle " The Power of Now"

I find myself whispering this quote before making every decision. It counteracts the doubts. It reminds me what my true objectives are behind the things that i do, good or bad. From the simple decisions to the profound. 

"Dang! I want more orange juice, but bae got me some cheesecake. My favorite!"

Decoded: What i want is juice. The cake is there and will be there if/when i decide to have some. I don't have to drag the process out longer than needed. I don't have to make myself feel bad for what i want. I don't have to punish myself for not wanting to drink water instead since that is something i want to do more of in the new year. I had the juice and that was that. The moment passed and i got back to other things that needed my attention. 

"Dang! Should i edit a video or shoot a new one? Or should i clean? Its a new year i should be as productive as possible. How much of my to do list can i get done?! Takes a nap instead πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Decoded: What i really wanted to do was relax, take some time to enjoy my space. Be present in it. Write. Chat with a loved one. 

"...Offer no resistance to life"

Not saying you shouldn't get after it! Hustle! Get on your grind! I am still doing those things. I got three planners and a bunch of apps downloaded  ret-ta- go: but the moment i start comparing my journey to everyone else's i get stuck! I am just prioritizing my peace of mind. It keeps me centered and strong. The perfect foundation for all i will build upon in this new year. 

Product Review: Eden BodyWorks Coconut and Shea Natural Curling Jelly on Type 4 Natural Hair

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 2.16.15 AM.png

I was first introduced to this product when it was part of the swag bag given at a natural hair event i attended a while back. Being the product minimalist that i am, this has been the primary way that i would discover new products to try. Swag bags are the best! Definitely nostalgic of those party bags we used to leave with  as a kid, just a more practical grown up version haha.


Getting a swag bag of new products to try out is only half the battle. Some lucky somebody gets to use them but it's usually not me, since more often than not they get gifted to a family member or friend. At this point i can't eem remember what made me reach for the product, but when i did i was immediately impressed with its Ahh-mazing SLIP! It's goupy consistency reminds me of natural aloe vera gel, the slimy stuff you get when you scrape the fleshy insides of the plant. 

I thought i would put this product to the test on a WashNgo. Usually when i style my hair  in a washngo i start off on freshly washed, throughly detangled hair! I layer my products using some variation of the loc method( L=liquid or leave in, O=oil of your choice, C=Cream, usually a heavy styling product) using whatever products i have on hand. For my leave in i try to use one that absorbs well into my low porosity hair without leaving a white residue. I am deathly afraid of running the risk of that residue not drying clear so i hold off from using white opaque products till i get to the C in the LOC method. I had some Mixed Chicks leave in laying around that i was trying to finish up so that is what i used as my L.

For my O, my oil of choice is always castor oil. TropicIsles Jamaican Black Castor Oil with the lavender scent is bae af! Castor oil has always been linked with encouraging hair growth. I can't say if the oil has had anything to do with how dense my hair has gotten over time because it's been my day one oil! Used it in my regimen since my transitioning days! 

How i used this product


I split my hair into three equal parts, parting horizontally. Clipped away the sections i wasn't working with, then i would separate that section further into three. I always use this strategy when styling my hair! It has been instrumental in helping me retain length and reducing breakage caused by parting and manipulation and you can see me demonstrate it here

I had never tried a jelly type product before and i was very skeptical. Although i have fine strands, i've always preferred heavier products to tame my coils. Using a heavier product allows me to have more control on how much frizz i create while fluffing  after my hair has dried. Whenever you're trying a new product you should always start off with a small amount of product to test out how well it works on that section and gradually  add more to your liking! So after i prepped my section with my leave in and my oil, i squeezed a dime size amount of the jelly to apply to my hair. I distributed the product along the section and was blown away by how slippery the product felt against my strands! Like, do you understand how much of a game changer this product is?!!! Washngo's are synonymous with knots! Naturals with type 4 hair fear washngoes the way dudes fear getting their side chicks pregnant! So to be able to slip and slide your fingers through your strands with a styler while defining your curls makes this product nothing short of heavenly! 

The definition the Eden Bodyworks Natural Curling Jelly gave my hair was too good to be true! I didn't want to risk having puffy root after my hair dried. So i followed my instinct and recruited my ole faithful EcoStyler Olive oil gel to hold me down. I applied enough to my roots to where i felt would ensure my curls clumped and spread the residue down the length of my hair down to my ends. If the section felt more sticky than slippery i would spritz some water to make it juicy. And when it dried... Oh Baby!!! My curls was on poppington and that aint eem the best part!!! 


It don't matter how long it takes you to wash and detangle and style your hair. We all gotta suffer through it! It's non negotiable! Healthy hair is in the habits ( ooouuuu you should tweet that haha and make sure you give me credit for coming up with it hahaha). But after we've send hours doing our hair we usually gotta wait a while for it to dry. Especially for a washngo, that can take anywhere from 2 hrs to a day depending on if you diffuse or let it air dry. Ya'll! My hair dried in TWENTY MINUTES!!!! You read that right, 20 mins! If you follow me on snapchat you would have seen me post the snap with the time stamp of what time i started to diffuse and 20 mins later it was dry! ( high heat, medium speed, safe distance)! 


Ya'll, this product combination has been my winter wasngo routine for two winters! But because it dries so damn fast it's perfect for year round! I mean, if you don't have to spend forever and a day waiting for your washngo  to dry then why would you? With the consistent results i get by using this Eden Bodyworks Natural Curling Jelly i have repurchased and will continue to purchase it! The results of getting three fast drying, non crunchy, super defined washngo's has earned Eden Bodyworks Natural Curling Jelly as a go to styler for a product minimalist like myself! I -am-obsessed!

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 2.16.50 AM.png


The only con i have with this product is the slight flakes i get in the front of my hair but i honestly don't think its due to the Eden Bodyworks Natural Styling Jelly. I haven't found any product that doesn't leave white flakes in my bangs area. Even shampoo and conditioner leaves some amount of residue. Thats another struggle for another post. If you are leary about whether or not this product in combo with any other will create flakes you can try my girl Rose's method of mixing a drop of each on the back of your hand and seeing if they create white clumps. Also, really saturating your hair with water is also a tried and true strategy to diluting white residue from your strands, but the trade off is the drying time. Play with those to determine how it will work on your hair. 

Those are my thoughts on this bomb product! I will be posting a video showing you how i use this product.Let me know what you think of my results? Thank you guys for checking out my spot! Feel free to be nosy and take a look around πŸ€—.