No New Year Resolution? Its now April(Late)

Walked into 2018 like...

I swear if i see another blogger use that caption i am going to loose it 

I swear if i see another blogger use that caption i am going to loose it 

This post came as a result of me racking my brains 🤯 trying to come up with something profound to share in a blog post and failing horribly. So much progress was made in this past year! So many things i want to share with you guys, I've been overwhelmed with where to start and how to convey these experiences in the most effective way. Planning, strategizing, wanting to do it all in this year


First of all i don't eem believe in having a New Year Resolution. Once a decision is made i get started right away. I'm guilty of toiling over an idea forever and ever but once my mind is made up its go time! I don't wait till Monday. I don't rely on an accountability partner to make moves. And although a clean slate at the top of the year feels amazing. Renews my spirit. Its not actually different from Dec 31st. Except. The attitude and mindset towards accepting a new start. Hopeful of the possibilities. Faith in whats to come, and Foregiveness for what you weren't able to do the past year, two years, or however many new years you've celebrated. 


My #hicoselfcare journey has allowed me to get in touch with me, what drives me, what i need, what motivates me. It's been my guiding light. At this point i recognize the Being i am at my core. Being in touch with the essence of me allows me to make the best decisions for me. Filtering and Calming my thoughts, driving my actions, taking action towards exactly what i need in that moment without the side effects of guilt. It has brought me pockets of joy and peace. Slows things down. Helps me to recall that i am on my own path moving at my own pace. 


It keeps my intentions true. Helps me follow through, Reminds me that i am doing my best. The best for me. 

Forgiveness is offering no resistance to life
— Eckhard Tolle " The Power of Now"

I find myself whispering this quote before making every decision. It counteracts the doubts. It reminds me what my true objectives are behind the things that i do, good or bad. From the simple decisions to the profound. 

"Dang! I want more orange juice, but bae got me some cheesecake. My favorite!"

Decoded: What i want is juice. The cake is there and will be there if/when i decide to have some. I don't have to drag the process out longer than needed. I don't have to make myself feel bad for what i want. I don't have to punish myself for not wanting to drink water instead since that is something i want to do more of in the new year. I had the juice and that was that. The moment passed and i got back to other things that needed my attention. 

"Dang! Should i edit a video or shoot a new one? Or should i clean? Its a new year i should be as productive as possible. How much of my to do list can i get done?! Takes a nap instead 🤦🏽‍♀️

Decoded: What i really wanted to do was relax, take some time to enjoy my space. Be present in it. Write. Chat with a loved one. 

"...Offer no resistance to life"

Not saying you shouldn't get after it! Hustle! Get on your grind! I am still doing those things. I got three planners and a bunch of apps downloaded  ret-ta- go: but the moment i start comparing my journey to everyone else's i get stuck! I am just prioritizing my peace of mind. It keeps me centered and strong. The perfect foundation for all i will build upon in this new year.