Feeling down and out?

Looking back at recent events they don't seem as bad as they felt to me then. Hell, it may even be light in comparison to some of the stuff you might have gone through. If thats the case use my story as a metaphor for your troubles. Let it remind you that you already have EVERYTHING you need to pick yourself up and change your own life! You are not short of anything! You only need to believe that, wholeheartedly. Below is an outline of the steps that are tried and true to get me out of that funk. Do one, do them all. Just do something.

1- Identify the specific thoughts and triggers that feeds your self doubt
2- STOP Repeating them!!! 

Be conscious of when you’re allowing things to seep into your sub conscious and steal your joy.
3- Replace those thoughts with  POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS. Repeat them often. 

Dedicate time at the start of your day to     meditate on those positive thoughts. You can do this in many forms. I often listen to Joel Osteen podcast or success tips on a local radio program. You can also read your bible or do devotion. Anything that quiets your thoughts, renews your spirit, and encourages you to appreciate the gift of LiFe.

4- Have an attitude of gratitude. 

Identify and be grateful for every single thing you have!!! The seen and the unseen! If you’re focused on all that you DO have you’ll have less time to feel sorry for your self for what you don’t have!

5-Set some GOALS! Activity goals! Motion creates emotion.

 Don’t allow yourself to go too long without doing something nurturing for yourself. Go for a walk, clean yourself up and your space. Put something on that makes you feel good and energizes your spirit! Music, perfume, makeup, a dress whatever! Start small and work on being consistent with your effort until you manage to replace bad habits with new ones.

6- Do NoT underestimate the impact your space can have on how you feel! 

Clutter and untidiness often make you feel overwhelmed. Make it a priority to have a spot in your house that you can relax and reflect. Start with your spot and move on to making the rest of your space a sanctuary. A change of scenery makes a world of difference. If redecorating your house is too big of a task to take on then treat yourself to a stay at a nice hotel or bed and breakfast.